Before developing a mobile app, it was necessary to finalize the existing client's IT-infrastructure and implement a loyalty system.
We have developed an application with a loyalty system and a user's personal account. It solved a sore problem: the fixed cost of SMS.
At this stage, we created a new backend for mobile applications and connected to it a service for communication with users of the loyalty system.
Step № 1: Loyalty system
The new app has completely replaced the physical bonus card, which previously could be lost, duplicated, transferred to another buyer.
First, we carried out pre-project analytics, during which we studied the needs of the user and formed a list of tasks that the application was supposed to solve: a convenient personal account, work with bonuses, search and selection of a store by address and proximity, ratings and reviews, control of write-offs of funds and bonuses.
Step № 2: Mobile app
From the start of development to release, it was necessary to draw a design, make a backend, a mobile application and publish it in Google and Apple stores. We have implemented high-quality code in such a way that as the load on the system grows, it will be easy to scale server hardware and architecture.
We started designing from the very beginning of the project. During the first sprint, we created prototypes (black and white layouts of the application screens) and agreed on them within the team before showing them to Electrocity. We followed this same practice throughout the project.
We conducted several UX researches, which helped us to create a thoughtful and user-friendly interface, with end-to-end navigation, and harmoniously fit into the company's existing brand book.
Push notification mechanism - reminds the user of the application about promotions, bonuses or offers to take a survey offered by the company.
A service for interaction with the customer's information system, a queuing system for synchronizing and updating data.
API request filtering system - allows you to flexibly pass parameters-values of models and receive the necessary data.
Service for working with DaData. Helps to get information about the distance between the person's current location and the coordinates of the nearest stores.
Possibilities of the mobile application
Email notification mechanism.
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