Your own virtual marketer

Loyalty Culture Retail
A virtual marketer who does routine work and helps to increase revenue using customer behavior data.
Helps to return customers to the store and increase the average check
Automates service communications with customers
Helps to set up promotions and to understand which one work exactly
Generates end-to-end analytics
What does the system consist of?
Mobile app
This is the foundation of the loyalty system. It is a database of buyers, goods and services, promotions and offers, bonuses and bonus cards, and much more. This is the main block in which the marketer works and forms a high-quality system of loyalty, service and communications.
Dashboards and dynamic charts that form end-to-end analytics for all basic indicators of the trading network in a simple and visual form, even when there is a huge amount of information and numbers. Automatic daily update and download of historical data for any period.
Loyalty Culture Retail allows marketers to customize over 100 promotional atcions with no modifications. Immideately set up, test and launch a promotion for your target audience. A vital marketing tool that cuts down on routine and saves time for new ideas.
Discounts and bonuses
Triggers automatically increase customer's loyalty by creating personal scenarios, promotions and relevant offers, and also help manage customer's behavior using personal motivators for each segment of the customer base. More than 100 promotion's actions will help you to create the perfect automated service and stand out from the competitors.
Information about the created promotion or trigger needs to be communicated to the target audience, and sometimes only to certain special customers. Loyalty Culture Retail will allow you to segment your audience, set up a preferred communication channel and a personalized message, launch a mailing list via email, Viber, SMS, Telegram, mobile-push.
Audiences and distributions
Geomarketing is an important component of competent planning for the development of a trading network. It is useful to have up-to-date information about the locations of competitors in any city in our country. Moreover, in Loyalty Culture Retail, you can start and track any number of them.
Telegram-bot that can completely replace a mobile app.
The mobile application is developed on the basis of Telegram, which allows for a seamless transition from Telegram to the application and making orders without installing additional applications on the phone.

The application like this is integrated with the buyer's Telegram account and provides easy and continuous interaction.
Mobile app
Mobile application with the functionality of the customer's personal account.
The application remembers the buyers's data, offers him personal promotions, remembers orders and services he likes, but when choosing goods, he transfers the client to the mobile version of the site.

This application is a component of the loyalty system Loyalty Culture, it is integrated with the buyers's personal account and the CRM system for managing the loyalty program.
Mobile app

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