Loyalty Culture

Loyalty Culture keeps customers

Changing customer attitudes towards a brand or chain is normal. But it is important not to miss the moment when the degradation of customer loyalty begins.

Tracking this manually in a database of more than 1,000 people is unrealistic. The marketer will have to recalculate the RFM analysis for each customer every day.

It is worth recalling that by working with current customers we:

  • We keep the customer in our stores and maintain his loyalty
  • We save on promotions without giving discounts to loyal customers
  • We sell low-turnover, illiquid or withdrawn goods.

How to work with current customers without inflating the budget?

On the example of the #nbspLoyalty Culture system.

1. We form a request to an intelligent marketer

With the help of the "intelligent marketer" function, the system found the audience of buyers according to the "Return the buyer" scenario, and every day there is a selection of buyers who made a purchase more than 7 days ago. Based on the similarity of purchases of 5 products, these buyers are combined into 3 clusters, with which the marketer works in the future.

2. We select the right audience

The system has generated audiences that meet the requirements. For the resulting audience, the marketer created a campaign in which he chose the "Return customers" audience from the RFM analysis.

3. Forming a promotion

The marketer also selected a product that matches the consumer characteristics of the audience (for example, "Sweet yogurts"), which must be sold. The Loyalty Culture system independently proposed the most economical and guaranteed delivery method out of 3 options: mobile application, messenger, SMS.

As a result:

  • Only the target audience to whom the promotion was sent received a 15% discount on goods.
  • Due to this, the chain of stores returned the loyalty of its customers.
  • Stores were able to quickly sell stocks and thereby free up working capital.
  • The marketer was transferred from routine work to a more qualified one.

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