Without queues at the carousel!

"Why can't we just go for a ride on the carousel?"...
Everyone who has ever been to a city amusement park, met not only the boundless fun from the spending time on the carousel but also faced one negative moment - the queues!

Often, for many, long standing in queues, first to buy a ticket, then to the attraction itself, completely discouraged all desire to visiting the amusement park.

The problem is indeed quite serious both for business owners (decrease in revenue, reputation, etc.) and for visitors (after long queues, a lot of wasted time, the suffering of a child, the next time you don’t want to repeat such an experience so soon) .

Why are there queues?

The cash desk.
This is the easiest way to interact with the client: a typical park cash desk serves the client for a certain period of time, and the speed of service depends directly on the cashier. It is also important to note that a ticket is purchased for a specific attraction and if, for some reason, you or your child change your mind about visiting it, then be prepared to stand in line again to exchange a ticket.

Self-service terminals.
Despite the external innovation and, it would seem, an improvement in favor of the client - in fact, everything comes down to the same cash register, only the speed is noticeably lower for the reason that the client must now understand what to do and where to click. Now imagine the situation: you are trying to deal with the terminal, and next to you is a child who is rushing in all directions and on all the rides, and a bunch of people are pushing from behind with the question “well, why is it taking so long?” ...

Client card
There is the situation is a little easier for the client, if only because the card has a certain balance that is spent at the time of passage to a particular attraction. If along the way the child changed his mind about going to the attraction, then you do not need to return the ticket, since you have not bought it yet. Another problem: the card is a physical medium, and in order to understand how much money is left on it, you still have to go to the terminal (by the way, you can also replenish it there), and, of course, you can lose the card (and if it is also is not registered, then the chances of getting your balance back are reduced to zero).

Let's fantasize a little

If only you could download an app for parks in PlayMarket or the AppStore, enter your details, link a bank card (maybe even with auto-replenishment) and that’s all – you can easily walk around your favorite attractions. Just have time to substitute your smartphone (NFC contactless payment or QR-code) for the passage, and you also get some “buns” from the park such as discounts or personal offers for regular visits.

The application itself would suggest how much money is left on the balance sheet, you would see statistics on the frequency of visiting one or another attraction and would always be aware of some grandiose events or promotions taking place in the parks. Don't forget about discounts among partners.
Agree that the desire to visit the park will be much higher when you are surrounded by comfort?
“Times are changing and we are changing with them”

How can Loyalty Culture be useful for visitors and organizers of amusement parks?

Point of client's view:

It will practically disappear, and the cash desks themselves will play mainly an informational role.

Client card.
Cards losses will be reduced by more than 90%.
Mobile application.
It is convenient, simple and clear: online payment and payment by QR code; invitations to events (to parks and city events; discounts, promotions, personal offers; balance monitoring, analysis of your costs, rules for visiting attractions).

Point of busines's view:

Lack of queues at the cash desk - an increase in traffic and client flow.
Reducing terminal maintenance costs.
Mobile application: collection of contact information about visitors; Push notifications; collecting feedback; conducting surveys; an invitation to events in parks or city events; discounts and promotions, personal offers.
Client base- with proper work with the base, you can earn money on partners (newsletter about concerts, for restaurants, for cinemas, gyms, etc.)
Analytics and dashboards - for the purpose of operational management of processes and sales, the platform allows you to generate reports in Power BI; run customer segmentation calculations, etc.
Automatic mailing - by mail, sms, viber, push from the platform.

At the moment, various kinds of telegram bots are widely used in many businesses, and parks are no exception: customer support service, reference information, interaction with the administration, etc.

In addition, with the right marketing work, you can enter into long-term partnerships with different businesses and develop work and interaction with current customers, as well as attract new ones.

Of course, we must understand that the implementation of this decision is not done in one day and this process is multi-stage. It all starts with deep analysis, identifying problems, finding solutions, etc.

By the way, if you are not yet familiar with the implementation process itself and how it happens, there are doubts, then we recommend reading our publications:

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Do not forget that even if you launch a loyalty system out of season, you can always count on the so-called regular “warming up” of customers and by the next season be ready to receive visitors from the very first day of opening, because they will always know what and when opens with the app.

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