Loyalty Culture helps to sell seasonal items

In the hot summer, air conditioners work in the rooms, but how to save yourself from the heat on the street? Well, cold ice cream, of course! And if it is offered with an individual discount, it’s a sin not to take advantage of the offer, right?

Now we will tell you how a chain store in Udmurtia easily and simply managed to sell a huge amount of ice cream in 2 months with the help of a loyalty program!

Second purchase - it's time to enjoy the privileges

A grocery chain with more than 120 stores in Udmurtia was faced with the task of quickly selling seasonal goods.

With the help of promotions planned through the Loyalty Culture system, it is possible to solve the operational tasks of not only a marketer, but also a category manager:

  • Quickly remove a product or category from sale
  • Sell ​​goods with low turnover
  • Replace the product on the shelf with a new one and reorient customers
  • Respond quickly to competitors

Analyzed product categories

The category manager analyzed product categories and identified problematic categories: the hot season was ending, and the stock of ice cream was still too high, the task was to quickly sell the product in the outgoing season.

Created a promotion

The marketer picked up an audience of "ice cream lovers", chose an auction category and put a 15% discount on it. I also chose the stores where the action will be held.

Set up target audience

The promotion is available to buyers according to the criteria received from the marketer "Purchased in the last 50 days" and "Purchased goods are included in the" ICE CREAM " category.


Only the target audience of "ice cream lovers" received a 15% discount on all types of ice cream and were pleasantly surprised by the chain's individual approach.

The network was able to sell ice cream stocks in a short time, without overspending on "discounts for everyone", but by working with the target audience.

Buyers who matched the required parameters received a pleasant thank you for the purchase and a "Gift".

Also, the trading network received feedback from customers: in store No. 55, the refrigerated display case was not replenished in time. This issue was resolved in the shortest possible time.

Marketing management is very easy with our loyalty system "Loyalty Culture",  read about other features of the system in the "Loyalty Culture" section.
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