How the Loyalty Culture system helped to organize the sale

A holiday sale is always an event, and no less important than the appearance of new products on store shelves.

Now, perhaps, it is worth immediately identifying the key interests of both parties:

  • The buyer - a wide range of popular goods at the best prices or the best offers in the complex.
  • Seller - seasonal revenue, maximum turnover, maximum coverage of existing and potential customers.

Well, since we are talking about holiday sales, then here it is worth considering the spontaneity of demand for "everything on the shelves."

Also, the time of holiday sales is the time of maximum activity of buyers, which means the ideal time to promote and test innovations. For example, the release of a mobile application, updating the terms of the loyalty program, testing new equipment and approaches to customer service.

It is through the loyalty system that you can build a dialogue between the buyer and the seller. And, it will look like this: targeted offers are the seller’s question, and conversion is the buyer’s answer.

New Year's sale in hypermarket «Smile»

A chain of hypermarkets for children's goods that just released a mobile application with the Loyalty Culture loyalty program (how was it?).

Initial data
Plastic bonus cards, a customer base of 150,000 cards, of which 70,000 active customers who made a purchase in the store at least once in the last year.

Primary tasks:
Increase in the number of downloads of the mobile application (as a result of improving the quality of communications with customers, increasing the database of customers, collecting verified e-mail addresses and sending push notifications)
Increasing sales.

What have we done?

Promotion "Сongratulations of Santa Claus"

Promotion mechanics:
A buyer with a check amount of 1,500 rubles or more, who downloads the mobile application and fills in all the data in the personal account profile, automatically participates in the drawing and can win a personal congratulation of the child with Santa Claus.

For convenience, the promotion period was divided into short five-day periods with a draw at the end of each: the purchase period on December 1-5 (draw on December 5), the purchase period on December 6-10 (draw on December 10) and so on until December 25 inclusive.

In total, there were 5 draws with the final display of the results in the mobile application and notification via

The procedure for launching a promotion and working in the Loyalty Culture system

1. We selected a base for mailing all registered cards according to the following criteria:

  • all active customers, that is, those who made a purchase at least once in the last year (71,539 cards);
  • customers who were in stores 2 years ago and who made a purchase for more than 2000 rubles. (12,847 cards).

Received a customer base for mailing 84,386 phone numbers.

2. In order to optimize the budget, the mailing list was launched sequentially with a difference of one day: first, a mailing list in viber for the entire database, then also SMS messages.

  • The result of delivering and reading a message in viber is 53,142 customers.
  • The result of SMS delivery is 20,649 clients.

Messages were not delivered to 10,595 customers, the reason may be a change in phone number.

3. Out of 73,791 customers, 4,279 customers (6%) made a purchase for more than 1,500 rubles. and downloaded the application, another 886 customers downloaded the application, but did not meet the conditions for the purchase amount.


During the campaign period, the mobile application was downloaded by 5,165 customers; the average check for clients participating in the promotion amounted to 2,158 rubles, total sales on promotional checks amounted to 9.8 million rubles.

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