Cloud storage

"Cloud storage or physical server?" - a question that sooner or later arises in almost any business when it comes to data storage.
Before making a decision, it is worth understanding the key points of both options and what you should pay attention to when choosing storage systems


The most frequent consumers of cloud storage are medium-sized businesses (a fleet of up to 250 computers), small businesses (up to 100 employees) and micro-businesses (up to 15 people), because it is profitable.

  • Clear IT budget savings with higher reliability and security
  • The absence of server rooms and numerous wires stretching to them.
  • When changing the leased office space, saving effort, money and time for the dismantling / installation of equipment.

For large businesses, cloud servers are not the best choice today. At a certain scale, it is cheaper to maintain your servers and maintenance staff.


It is worth recognizing that modern cloud services are more reliable than their own storages. Any document in the cloud will never disappear anywhere until you decide to delete it yourself.

Arguments in favor of reliability can be the following points:

  • Independence from hardware failures - For a cloud server, the problem of component failure is not relevant. In data centers, where a virtual infrastructure is being deployed, a multi-level reservation of computing resources is always planned. There may be failures, but they do not carry critical problems specific to physical servers. Troubleshooting time is faster than operating a local server due to redundancy and dedicated staff.

  • Automatic backup You choose how often to back up your data. Define a schedule and all data in the cloud will be backed up automatically at set intervals.


A cloud server cannot be "taken away" or broken. Therefore, even in extreme situations (robbery, check, search or fire, and so on), performance will not be impaired.

Also, do not forget about the software, it just so happened that at the moment not all software can be driven into the cloud, but not in all cases it is convenient to use your own hardware.

But, no matter what you choose for yourself as a data store, the Loyalty Culture marketing management system can be used both in the cloud and on local servers.
And, if we are talking about data storage today, we consider it our duty to bring yes to your attention that on our part all information protection is organized in accordance with the protection of personal data

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