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Referral system. What is it and how to work with it?

The Loyalty Culture referral system was created so that existing customers attract new ones with the help of referral links and receive rewards for this.

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a link with a unique identifier to a site or bot that belongs to a specific user (referrer). The referral link contains a unique set of symbols and numbers used exclusively by one person. If another user follows the link and performs the target action (registers, subscribes to the newsletter, etc.), he will be considered a referral of the one who invited him. Therefore, this link is also called an invitation link.

What is a referral link for?

Each referral link is unique and tied to one person. If a payment or purchase is made using your unique link, the online store will record information about which user brought him profit and credit a percentage of the profit. Thus, the main function of referral links is to attract additional customers of the company, increase the audience and, as a result, profit.
Referral links have been used for a long time and used by a large number of companies, they form the basis of a system for attracting new and interested customers without spending on advertising. New clients (users) are invited by existing clients with little or no involvement of the clinic and receive a reward for each attracted participant.
The main function of referral links for users is to receive bonus accruals for referrals and referrers. Thus, it is beneficial for existing clients to invite new ones, besides, they are interested in their referrals following this link and becoming clients of the clinic.

How do we work with the referral system?

Let's say the «Healthµ clinic has a regular client, Daria, who has the Telegram bot of the mentioned clinic installed. Daria is delighted with the clinic: she likes the service, they are satisfied with the prices for services and the quality of these services, she wants to recommend the Zdorovye clinic to her friend Alena. But how to do it: call and dictate the phone number of the clinic? Or maybe write a message, but where to start the text? Or arrange a meeting and talk about the clinic, but wouldn't it be too laborious for the sake of one recommendation?

We have a solution

We have implemented a "recommend to a friend" button in the main menu of the bot and added an invitation text so that the client does not have to think of anything.
Now, when click on the "recommend to a friend" button, Daria will see a referral link with the ability to send it to Alena's personal messages in Telegram, a link to send it to other instant messengers, if Alena does not have Telegram installed, and a text describing the reward that Daria will receive for attracting her client.

Thus, by adding just one button, we solved several problems at once:

1. We have written an invitation text, which has removed most of the burden from customers: they no longer need to figure out how to start a conversation, how to effectively share a link so that it does not go unnoticed.

2. We wrote instructions for the referral and referrer (how to share a link, how to accept an invitation, how to get a reward and in what amount), that is, we surrounded customers with care and improved the service by removing possible questions.

3. We motivated an existing client to attract new ones, and new ones to visit the clinic. And all for a small fee without a large investment.

Application area

The scope of invitation links is not limited by anything. In any project, on any site, you can implement referral links, where they will be used - from the gaming industry to commercial projects. The main task is to reduce the cost of attracting a new audience.


1. The main feature is the presence of a unique identifier. It helps the owner of the resource to determine where users come from, and the referral to earn rewards for the targeted actions they have taken.

2. Affiliate programs of this type can be endless. The referrer receives a reward for attracting additional participants (referrals) and their effectiveness, each referral attracted by him can invite another participant through his link, and so on. By the way, all indicators can be monitored using a special set of analytical tools. Neither side can lie here.

3. 90% of people do not follow the link in a "pure" form, so there is an appropriate explanation for it. For this, anchors, hyperlinks, plugins, redirects and other methods are used. It's good if the referral link looks like an interesting offer.

4. To invite new customers and expand their audience, a business does not need to invest in advertising and promotion of its company, it only needs to work with its customer base and give customers a referral link.

We talked about referral links and showed their effectiveness. If you want to implement a referral system in your business, call +7 (3412) 901-907 or write to office@businessculture.ru, and we will be happy to tell you the details and suggest the most profitable implementation options.