Brand ambassador

Having had enough of typical discounts, many buyers see one pattern: “Yeah, first they raised the price, and then they tell us that they supposedly dropped it.” Therefore, many marketers are trying to look for more sophisticated solutions to raise the sales index of a particular product or brand as a whole.

The company "Business Culture" offers a completely different approach to loyalty.
The product: Brand Ambassador Gamified Digital Loyalty Program

How does it work?

The program invites thousands of real and potential buyers to participate in the game and become brand influencers. By completing the tasks of the game on social networks, buyers upgrade their digital skills: a blogger, photographer, videographer, etc. The buyer exchanges the points earned in the game for goods and gifts from the trading network.

What are the benefits and who needs it?

The trading network receives a base of loyal influencers and an increase in the consumer loyalty index, and upgraded customers increase their status in the social environment and real gifts.

By completing game challenges, participants describe their path to success in social media, thereby forming a new way of thinking and skills to achieve goals, increasing trust and brand popularity.

With full-fledged joint work, the trading network can receive additional turnover from the influence of ambassadors.

What do you need to participate?

Online platform for iOS and Android. Ambassadors register in the game and go through challenges. Completing tasks, they create live blogging content on their social networks: Facebook, Instagram, VK, Odnoklassniki, Tik-Tok, Pinterest.

In the world market, such programs for emotional and behavioral loyalty exist only in the form of disparate solutions. Our solution, customized for a specific network, combines the best practices of loyalty programs.

The basis of our solution is gamification. That allows you to scale to more than 10,000 Ambassadors.

The application is applicable both to increase the loyalty of customers and employees.


The product helps to increase the NPS Index (Consumer Loyalty Index) and thereby increase turnover and brand capitalization.

Increasing the level of customer loyalty to the brand is a task that arises for all companies without exception. Forming a base of loyal customers is the key to the growth and development of the company.

A loyal customer brings in 4 times more profit than a new one.

A loyal customer is a freelance marketer who spreads the word about a positive customer experience and recommends it to friends, family, co-workers, and casual acquaintances.

A loyal customer forms the word of mouth that every company dreams of.

Loyal customers form a base of regular customers and attract new ones, which helps the company to form long and strong relationships with customers, increase sales and increase brand capitalization.