Quality or advertising: what is more important for the popularity of the product?

How often do your customers buy goods “on the machine” or “consciously”, how often they become “victims of advertising”, can this be managed and profitability increased?

Let's try to figure out what marketing is and how Business Culture can help.

Is it possible to create demand for a low-quality product and what is more important for brand popularity: promotion, quality or price?

What makes consumers choose a particular product?

The quality product should be put in the first place, and the price and ;complex of promotion already in the second and third place. However, it is important to understand the reasons why people do not buy good products without advertising:

1) Potential customers do not know about them, do not know that the products are good.

We live in the age of information noise. The largest brands release their new products every year in packs, investing huge amounts of money in their promotion. Being seen in such conditions is becoming more and more difficult.
2) People don't want to search and try new products.

Many people do not try something new, because these are risks and, possibly, an unjustified waste of energy, and our brain does not like this very much.

3) People only buy what they remember at the time of purchase.

If a person nevertheless tried a quality product and liked it, this does not mean that he will pay for it again.

In 1970 PepsiCo conducted an experiment "Pepsi Challenge" when they let people try Pepsi and Coke with their eyes closed. People preferred Pepsi by taste sensations, but then they went to the store and bought Cola.

Why can't you get long-term popularity without quality?

Advertising is unlikely to make popular (in the long run) a poor quality product or service.

Although we are influenced by advertising, we will not choose bad products just because of beautiful advertising. And if a manufacturer of a better quality product comes to the market, even if at a higher (within reasonable limits) price, then it will not be difficult for him to win over the competitive blanket to his side.

The consumer is looking for a solution to his problem, and if a low-quality product does not solve the problem, then after trying it once, the consumer will go looking for a new solution. 

The only exception can be disposable products that do not imply high quality, such as disposable slippers!

And how to understand what exactly the consumer likes and at what point in time?

Advertising, promotion methods, and product recognition (here we mean that the quality should be at a high level by default) are all parts of one general concept "marketing".

Marketing management is very easy with our "Loyalty Culture" loyalty system:
it helps keep customers, properly organize the sale, reduce illiquid goods, read about other features of the system in the "Loyalty Culture" section.

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