Loyalty Culture

Why do you need mobile app?

1. For business

Rapprochement with clients
The mobile application is designed to involve the user in the purchase, it is built into the personal life of a person. The app icon is always in front of your eyes, and all promotions and offers are personalized. 

Cost optimization
Push notifications communicate events and updates, bringing customers back to purchase again and again, in addition, they reduce up to 80% of business costs for sending SMS.

Brand loyalty
With the help of personal discounts and a loyalty program, the app will help create a loyal audience and maintain constant interest in the brand, increase the number of orders and the average check.

Sales increase
In the application, the user makes more spontaneous purchases, because all the features of the application work for this: push notifications, a recommender system, personalized offers, discounts, banners on the main screen.

Higher conversion
Thanks to these factors, buyers move through the sales funnel faster and complete the targeted action more often, so the conversion in applications is higher than on websites.

For customers

Navigation elements in applications have a typical layout: the user knows in advance where to look for the catalog and tabbar. We memorize the purchase algorithm at the level of physical actions and can repeat it “automatically”.

Time saving
The application remembers information about the buyer, past orders, liked products,   does not require re-authorization. 

About 85% of users prefer to buy in applications, about 65% of all people access the site from mobile devices. And all because mobile devices are always with us, we use them more time.

Not everyone needs mobile app

1. Development timeline

The decision to develop a mobile application should be justified in terms of user requests and its potential payback. The development of one application for an average online store takes about six months and costs a lot of money. In some cases, it is more profitable for a company to provide an adaptive version of the site for customers or to start cooperation with marketplaces.

2. Development cost

The cost of developing a mobile application pays off when at least half of the users perform targeted actions on the site from a smartphone. In addition, you need to make sure that the current IT product is profitable, determine the average duration of its use by customers, conversion, promotion cost, and the effectiveness of expanding the audience.

3. Technical support

After developing a mobile application, you need to constantly update, track product and marketing metrics. For example, if the number of abandoned carts is increasing, you need to find out what is causing this and work to change the situation.

What to do?

We offer a mobile application for the loyalty program + a mobile version of the site.

Customers should be able to use accumulated bonuses at any time and be aware of their promotions, which will make the mobile application the best way to stimulate the loyalty program and strengthen customer relationships.

94% of smartphone users using mobile apps like to save, earn reward points, receive personalized coupons or mobile wallet offers, and about 82% of them prefer to use online coupons more than paper coupons.
Loyalty program mobile application

This is a mobile application with the functionality of a personal client account. The application remembers the client's data, offers him personal promotions, remembers orders and favorite products, but when choosing products, he transfers the client to the mobile version of the site. So buyers are more likely to contact your brand, it is easy and convenient for them to plan a purchase. The application helps the buyer to find out the current balance of bonus points, get acquainted with the list of current promotions and find out the address of the nearest store.

Such an application is a component of the Loyalty Culture loyalty system. The application is integrated with the buyer's personal account and CRM loyalty program management system.
The main features of the loyalty program mobile application:

  • Displaying a barcode or QR code of the customer's loyalty card number to present it upon purchase
  • Replacing the plastic loyalty card of your retail network
  • Buyer's personal account with his profile, settings and statistics
  • Displaying the current balance of bonus points when using the bonus loyalty program
  • Displaying the current percentage of discounts when using the discount system
  • History of purchases, accrual and write-off of bonus points
  • Current promotions and special offers in the retail network
  • Loyalty program information, contact information, customer support phone numbers.

With the loyalty system mobile app, you can interact with your audience just like you would through a regular app:

1. Send Push Notifications

Push notifications allow businesses to share promotions, interesting project news, and personal offers. 

2. Use personal recommendations

Personal offers are more effective than general ones prepared for a wide audience. Using recommender systems, a business can comprehensively analyze the preferences of its customers, their order history and user experience in general. 

3. Use gamification tools

Another way to warm up the attention of users to a new service is gamification. The mechanics can be very different - from receiving coins when visiting a mobile application to offering customers to spin the "Wheel of Fortune" for prizes.

4. Technical support

For example, a support service that is ready to answer customer questions at any time of the day, transferring a customer to a chat bot, online consultations.

5. Time saving and convenience

We will also set up pass-through authorization, so that when switching to a promotion of interest, the client enters the site already authorized.


You can order the development of a full-fledged mobile application, which, of course, will cover absolutely all the needs of each of your clients, but at the same time you will spend a lot of time and money, and then even more effort to promote this application.

Or, you can order the development of a mini-version of a mobile application (leaving only the necessary functionality in it, reducing the development time and budget). And we will help you refine the mobile version of the site with all the principles of usability and native transition from the application to the site.

Call +7 (3412) 901-907 or write to office@businessculture.ru. We will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.