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How to move the audience into a telegram bot and increase the conversion

A couple of months ago, we made a personal assistant for patients of the Lada Estet clinic in a telegram bot. This is a unique service that helps you make an appointment, automatically reminds you when and which doctor you need to go to, shows current promotions and personal offers, collects feedback from patients about visiting the clinic, provides up-to-date information on bonus balances, history of accrual and write-off of bonuses, shows the history of past visits.
The patient no longer needs to remember when, which doctor, what procedure he was in the clinic, how much he paid for it and what discounts or bonuses he received.

Why bot?

At first view, it may seem that we are reinventing the wheel, because the clinic already has a website, a call center, and if you wish, you can write a mobile application, why invent something else?
But we see several problems in existing approaches and popular services. The main one is integration into the user's life.
Telegram has been the most dynamically developing messenger and popular means of communication for about half a year now. Its functionality has long been familiar and intuitive, so opening a chatbot is much easier than spending an extra 3-5 seconds of your life every day switching to another application. In the worst case, you will also have to move the widgets. In addition, there is always a chance to mix up icons and stumble upon another application, and this is a waste of time.

Therefore, we decided to make a telegram bot and were satisfied with the result. You can read about how his first version turned out here.
But some time after the launch of the bot, we faced the problem of its distribution among the patients of the clinic. After the first active wave, the number of connections per day dropped to almost zero, and only one or two patients began to connect to the bot, or even a day could pass without activities.

What has been done to change the situation:

First step.
The open sources of information of the clinic and channels of regular communication with patients are analyzed.

Second step.
Target audiences of loyal and active patients for SMS mailing have been formed.
What did we understand?

1. When putting a product into operation, it is very important to prescribe to the client a list of mandatory marketing steps for its distribution, paying special attention to correct links.

2. Together with the client, take the first steps to form the target audience for SMS-informing patients about the product.

3. Create dashboards to monitor the result of connecting patients to the bot

Measures taken by the Lada Estet clinic and received a threefold increase in patient connections to the telegram bot:

As part of the First Step:

1. Placing visible links and banners on the site describing the benefits of connecting to the bot.
2. Placement of correct links to the bot in all social networks.
3. Placement of information about the bot in the SMS mailing with a reminder of the reception.
4. Training first-line employees on the features of connecting to the telegram bot and the benefits of communicating with the clinic through the bot (call center, administrators, support managers).
As part of the second step:

We have formed a high-quality base for SMS mailing to patients.
We used the basic functionality of the Loyalty Culture marketing automation platform (we talked about its capabilities here), conducted an RFM analysis of the clients of the Lada Estet clinic and made a selection of only two indicators:
- R (time since the last purchase) = 2 and 3;
- F (frequency of purchases per year) = 2 and 3.
These are the most active patients who regularly visit the clinic, appreciate the service, attention and are accustomed to innovations at Lada Estet.
As a result, the conversion rate for SMS mailing was 15-17%.
Marketers rarely get such a result, and this is the merit of the competent work of the Loyalty Culture CRM platform.

It is also worth noting that without Loyalty Culture, a marketer would have been sitting at work on segmentation and audience formation for several days in a row, and the Loyalty Culture platform made it possible to conduct an analysis in 3 minutes.

Sending SMS messages is also done from Loyalty Culture, this facilitates the work of a marketer and allows you to solve all significant tasks in one system in the "single window" mode.

What did we get?

In a month, the clinic has tripled the number of subscribers in the telegram bot, and the audience continues to grow due to the information posted on the website, in social networks and SMS with a reminder of the appointment.
The clinic reduces its costs for communication with patients by phone and SMS mailing with a reminder of appointments.


In order to transfer interaction with customers online with minimal costs and increase profits, you need to:
1. disseminate correct information through all external active communication channels;
2. train employees to interact with the new product and be sure to connect them to the bot;
3. automate marketing analytics through Loyalty Culture in order to conduct an RFM analysis of the client base in a matter of minutes and make an effective mailing with a conversion of up to 17%.