Assortment and how to work with it

If your network of stores is multi-format, and even located in different regions and cities, then you are definitely faced with such a phenomenon as the analysis and search for new opportunities to work with a particular category (or several) and improve sales performance

There are many ways, and today we will talk about one of them.


What is it good for, what is this, and the most important: how to manage it?

What is it good for?
It allows you to identify products from the current assortment to enter into the assortment matrix of all stores, or to identify why in a certain region, city the same product can be sold much more than in others, and use this experience to sell in other stores of the chain .

How to use?
We determine the top products at the format level within the city — the products are the leaders in sales in the group.

What we get?
Top products for introduction to other stores by format, local top products in the regions to expand the assortment of the chain, i.e. distribution of goods to stores within the format and cities. Analysis of top products by formats for the possibility and necessity of their introduction into other formats.
How to manage indicators?
Based on the Loyalty Culture product, the network marketer receives an accessible and understandable report and identifies needs for certain goods in different regions, cities within one store, several, or the entire network. Further, as an option, it forms target audiences with a personalized offer (promotions, discounts, gifts, etc.) and, based on the results of certain marketing campaigns, analyzes the conversion, identifying subsequent indicators.

Everything is as simple as always and, in fact, very relevant! There are always new growth opportunities.

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