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Chat-bot for innovative medical center «‎LADA ESTET»

Lada-Estet Center for Dentistry and Implantation has already become the leading multidisciplinary institution in Udmurtia, and has been providing medical care since 2004. Dental Association of the Russian Federation awarded him the status of "innovative clinic".
About cliniс
Task and purpose
Remove the load from the call center, provide customers with continuous access to information, establish informal communication
What has been done?
The Business Culture team decided to create a telegram bot to help businesses establish informal communication with the client.
Bot's opportunities
View visits and confirmation of services
The client can ask a question and get an answer, take surveys about the quality of service right in the bot. Such feedback helps to improve the service and reduces the load on the call center.
The bot records the history of the client's visits to the clinic, where he can also confirm his visits and services rendered.
Quick access
The client is always aware of his records, the number of bonuses and personal promotions.
Clients do not have to call and inquire about each appointment. The call center is unloaded by 30%, and the telegram bot does not take up memory in the phone.
We implemented the project "from scratch" in a short time: we compiled a technical task, developed a design, backend, integration with the customer's corporate information and analytical system, developed a bot, and conducted testing. Due to well-coordinated interaction with the customer's team, understanding of the steps and results, we managed to complete the project on time.
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