Repeat purchases

How to instill in the buyer a love for repeat purchases in the grocery chain?
How it should be
What have we done?
Grocery chain with more than 120 stores in Udmurtia
Instill in the buyer a love of repeat purchases in the grocery chain
Build a full-fledged communication with the buyer, creating the most convenient service and customer-centric approach
To account for sales, the chain of stores used 1C, but generated only standard reports. The base of buyers was conducted anonymously on discount cards. There was no communication with buyers and notifications about promotions, except for print advertising and sending expensive SMS.
The first online purchase is the first impression. After the first check, the buyer should receive gratitude and understand that every customer receives attention, regardless of the number of purchases, amount or status. And those who made a purchase for the first time and received a loyalty card at the checkout will definitely receive an additional "100 welcome bonuses".
Then we set up the promotion in the parameters of the promotion, where the target audience was "New Buyer". Only buyers that matched the "New Buyers" audience participated in the promotion, and Loyalty Culture sent them a thank you note.
Set up a promotion
Then, with the help of Loyalty Culture, we set up the "Gift" bonuses. Now every customer who receives a loyalty card is automatically credited with 100 bonuses.
Set up bonuses for the target audience
After connecting the databases of buyers and their transactions in the Loyalty Culture platform, the marketer easily selected the target audience "New Buyers". After that, the system generated a list of buyers every day according to the template from the condition: "I made a purchase yesterday" / "I have not made any purchases in the last six months."
Chose the right target audience
Network set up continuous communication with customers, increased repeat purchases, reduced SMS costs, increased awareness.
Loyalty Culture analyzes customers, generates a list of those who know the phone number, and passes this list to the mailing service
Servis rassylki predlagayet naiboleye ekonomichnyy i garantirovannyy sposob dostavki soobshcheniya: mobil'noye prilozheniye, messendzher, SMS.

The mailing service offers the most economical and guaranteed way to deliver a message: mobile application, instant messenger, SMS.
Buyers who matched the required parameters received a pleasant thank you for the purchase and a "Gift".
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