In 2021, the company wanted to become closer to its customers, so it was necessary to develop a mobile application and build appropriate business processes.
Before the appearance of the mobile app, Smile's buyers had plastic cards for expectant mothers, cards for children under 1 year old, savings cards, bonus cards, certificates, and all this was issued anonymously, and it was impossible to keep track of the terms of the cards.
Today, each card is registered in the loyalty system by the seller, and buyers see the cards in their mobile application.
The main task was to structure the procedure and terms for issuing cards, entering information about customers into the database, and refusing plastic.
It doesn't take up space on the user's phone, and can reduce business costs by 80%.
Phone numbers
The user registers in the mobile application and receives bonuses and information, and the business receives the client's phone number
E-mail verification
Email is one of the main channels of internet marketing. Businesses get the opportunity to collect feedback and get closer to their audience.
Data collection
The business receives the personal data of users, who, in turn, can correct it, keeping it up to date.
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