EDI Culture

electronic data interchange
We are a certified EDI provider.
We make a full cycle implementation of EDI Culture.
We take care of everything: from consulting and refinement of the Customer's information systems to connection to the EDI of your trading partners.
EDI Culture (electronic data interchange) is a standardized electronic document exchange between companies that automates processes such as receiving orders, applications, invoices, commercial offers and other documents.
EDI Culture makes the interchange transparent by storing information on a single electronic platform.
Checks the delivered goods with the documents in the personal account
Every action with documents are performing on the Culture Center Online portal, the path of the document is visible to all participants in the process.
Example of process
Areas we have already implemented EDI Culture:
Warehouse worker
Confirms the order in personal account
Why EDI Culture?
Fast trading operations
Less time spent on data entry up to 40%
Coordination of documents from 1 time
No loss of documents
No errors while processing documents
Transport downtime in logistics is 80% less
The cost of printing, copying and storing paper documents is 40% less
No mistakes or papers
Makes an order in personal account
All you need is connect to an EDI provider to start the interhange with your trading partners.
EDI Culture guarantees delivery of the message and the confidentiality of the transmitted information.
EDI Culture standarts provide high speed data exchange, and are suitable for every company.
Standarts EDI Culture
EDI Culture confirm that a document has been sent and received.
Protecting from unauthorized access.
Documents don't lost on the way, confirmation comes automatically upon receipt.
Minimizing manual operations avoid errors. Automated error control at the stage of data entry.
The system handles large volumes of information. The minimum time for preparing documents.
You can exchange documents and get the result without waiting for an agreement with the provider.
Trial period
Free integration module with 1C Enterprise and messaging module.
The fastest coordination
of documents. Obtaining shipping documents before the arrival of goods.
Service cost
This method is suitable for retail chains and suppliers with a large document flow: documents are uploaded from the organization's 1C, using EDI Culture are converted to a standard format and sent to the recipient.
Integration of an information system, for example, 1C, with EDI.
The method is suitable for small workflows (30-50 documents per month), as it does not require pre-configuration and installation of an integration module. Filling out documents directly on the web-portal.
Web access to the service.
For example, a customer works through integration, the seller works through Web access. The use of integration does not exclude the possibility of working through Web access, and vice versa.
Combined way of working.
Connecting your trading partners
Connecting trading partners, who has already connected to EDI Culture and partners you primarily want to work
System setup on your side
-20% for each next retail chain
Gifts for any tariff:
integration module for 1C
exchange module
Eco 12
18 380 rub/mounth
12 mounth
Eco 6
9 350 rub/mounth
6 mounth
from 390 rub/mounth*
*0 rubles if there is no traffic
1 mounth
Eco 1
1 mounth
2 490 rub/mounth
for 1 retail chain
for 1 retail chain
We have selected the best rates for you.
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You need access to the platform if:
How to work with the platform?
EDI Culture platform
you interact with contractors and partners, work within a holding or partnership structure;
you want to increase the efficiency of trading operations, reduce the number of operator errors.
the organization has unique processes that require the integration of various systems;
This is an internal server in an organization that provides flexibility and absolute control over processes and infrastructure.
no need to configure integration with 1C
see all documents in one place
Guaranteed delivery of documents and tracking their status
For companies with small external document flow
Documents are downloaded from the organization's IS and, using EDI, are converted into a standard format and sent to the recipient.
For companies with a large document flow.
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