Loyalty Culture

Increase revenue twofold based on customer behavior
Loyalty Culture helps create personal scenarios, promotions and relevant offers for buyers. It helps to turn customers into buyers and keep them using personal motivators for each client.

And all this on one screen!
How are we working?
We get acquainted with your team, collect information about your systems. Clarify the requirements of the project: determine the data for exchange and integration points.
We provide training for administrators, users and managers how to work with the system.
Staff training
Mobile app
Then we develop the design and parameters of the mobile app. Finalize the functions according to your order.
Loading data
We upload data on checks, nomenclature, consumers, classes of goods into the system, add the addresses of your outlets.
In the end, we test the data exchange, the operation of the promotion mechanics and your bonus systems.
We implement integrations with cash register software and your other systems. Set up data exchange intervals.
Loyalty Culture is a virtual market analyst who does all the routine work
Set up integrations
Make customers loyal
Find out which promotions is better
Study competitors
Increase the number of customers in the store
Increase revenue
Sell the most marginal products
Soon we can show the process of working on chat bots and take into account the features, but for now, you can see our works.
We are already preparing cases about our best works for you, but for now you can see another.
Get in touch!
Meet and discuss
Save confidentiality, conclude an NDA agreement
Support at every stage of integration
Talk about time and cost